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The QorIQ LS2088A processor based Intelligent SSD (referred as iSSD) card is built with NXP’s second-generation data path architecture which delivers scalable acceleration elements sized for application needs unprecedented efficiency, smarter and more capable platform.

The LS2088A integrated multicore processor combines eight ARM® Cortex®-A57 processor cores with high-performance data path acceleration logic and network and peripheral bus interfaces required for networking, telecom/datacom, wireless infrastructure, and mil/aerospace applications.

This iSSD Card is NVMe compatible in a PCI Express form factor thereby enumerating it as PCIe Gen3 device.

LS2088A iSSD Card has two boards:

  • iNIC Card: It is the main board with processor residing in it.
  • Storage Card: It contains FPGA and the NVDIMMs

The QorIQ based iNIC supports two PCI Express® x4 Gen3 host interface, as well as an SD/MMC card slot and one USB 3.0 port. These components integrated with the LS family, makes it ideal platform for target applications. The LS2088A-iSSD supports two 8GB DDR4 SODIMM with ECC 128 MB of NOR flash and 512Kbit I2C EEPROM. Storage card having the support of both DDR3 and NAND DIMMs.

The LS2088A-iSSD is pre-loaded with the Embedded Linux® Essentials for QorIQ processors with data path acceleration software development kit. This kit includes a 64-bit SMP Linux kernel, hugetlbfs for applications with a large memory footprint, user space Data Path Acceleration Architecture for high-performance packet handling, u-boot, the GCC tool chain and virtualization support, among many other features.

Two versions of Altera Stratix V FPGA's are available

  • Stratix A3 (5SGXEA3K3F40C4)
  • Stratix A7 (5SGXEA7K3F40C3)

Customer can choose any version as per his requirement.

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iNiC + Storage i-SSD Card



4 UDIMM slot
Each DIMM slot capable to


PCIe x4 Gen3

PCI Express®

x4 PCIe Interface to the host board
through PCIe edge finger connector

Network Controller

4 x 10G SFP+ cages providing 40G
network traffic


ECC memory
Support for Virtualization
Systems management alerts

Target Applications

WAN Acceleration
Integrated Services Router


This is a complete library of technical and support documentation of LS2088A Intelligent SSD Card
Product, which includes Data sheets,User Manual and Getting Started Guide. You can access these documentation from here and can download easily

Data Sheet

LS2088A Intelligent-SSD Card Data Sheet

User Manual

LS2088A Intelligent-SSD Card User Manual

Software & Tools

LS2088A iSSD Card -SDK-V3.0-20160701-YOCTO.iso

NXP-SDK-for-LS2088A iSSD Card-V3.0-20160701