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LS1021A Time Sensitive Network Switch Board is a low cost, full featured, open source next generation IOT gateway reference design supporting a broad array of IoT applications including building/home management, smart cities and networked industrial services. The feature rich IOT gateway reference design based on QorIQ LS1021A embedded processor.

  • NXP's TSN switch allows time sensitive networking platform for development of AVB & TSN based applications.
  • Equipped with a wide array of both high speed connectivity and low speed serial interfaces to support wide level of versatility.
  • Support for Arduino ShieldTM modules, making it suitable for communication solutions offered by the family of Arduino modules.
  • Class leading efficiency and security in a compact design.

Engineered to allow companies to quickly evaluate the LS1021A architecture and quickly build a demo of their end application, LS1021A Time Sensitive Network Switch Board is an affordable option providing shorter time to design and shorter time to market. Thus the LS1021A Time Sensitive Network switch can significantly help OEMs and ODMs to quickly reduce investment costs.



1 x SATA interface
1 x Micro SD Card


Temperature sensor,

I/O Ports

2 x USB3.0 ports
1 x Mini PCI-e slot

Ethernet Port

2 x 1Gbps RJ45 (SGMII)
4 x 1Gbps RJ45 TSN Switch (RGM II)


Arduino header
Expansion header

TSN capability

4 x 1Gbps RJ45 TSN Switch (RGM II)


This is a complete library of technical and support documentation of LS1021A Time Sensitive Networking Platform
Product, which includes Data sheets,User Manual and Getting Started Guide. You can access these documentation from here and can download easily

Data Sheet

LS1021A Time Sensitive Network Platform Data Sheet

User Manual

LS1021A Time Sensitive Network Platform Reference Manual

Quick Start Guide

LS1021A Time Sensitive Network Platform Getting Start Guide

Software & Tools

LS1021ATSN-PA Rev B Design Files

This file includes: BOM, hardware schematics, Gerbers, and OrCAD files




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