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Based on the NXP i.MX_6 Sololite Application Processor, the i.MX6 Sololite Multi-purpose IOT gateway is designed for next generation of low power , wireless connectivity, Bluetooth ,Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ZigBee applications. Equipped with more than just Wi—Fi Capabilities, this intelligent controller platform provides high performance processing capabilities and is optimized for lowest power consumption.

Additionally this board can be used as a validation and development platform for software stack develop-ment for both i.MX_6SL processor as well as Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, Bluetooth low Energy and ZigBee applications. Additional feature added to IOT gateway is ZigBee support. ZigBee is an open and global standard for wire-less sensor networks, control and monitoring solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.

With an on board Wi-Fi combo interface having Client and Access Point capabilities and peer to peer com-munication, Multi-purpose Wi-Fi IOT gateway allows designers to quickly and seamlessly add internet con-nectivity to various applications. Low voltage, low power consumption, small footprint and reduced system cost make this multi-purpose IOT gateway deal for a wide range of applications.

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1 x Micro SD Card


Based on NXP i.MX6 Sololite

I/O Ports


USB Interface

To boot up the board

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth, BLE,
WIFI, Zigbee

Status LED

Status, Bluetooth,
ZigBee and bi-Colour LED for Wi-Fi


This is a complete library of technical and support documentation of LS2088A Intelligent SSD Card
Product, which includes Data sheets,User Manual and Getting Started Guide. You can access these documentation from here and can download easily

Data Sheet

i.MX6SL IOT Gateway Board Data Sheet

User Manual

i.MX6SL IOT Gateway Board Reference Manual

Quick Start Guide

i.MX6SL IOT Gateway Board Getting Start Guide

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