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Argonboards provide complete Nex Generation IOT solutions based on NXP LS1021A, i.Mx6SL Processors and software solutions revolutionizing the IOT market.

The idea behind Argonboards is to allow companies to quickly evaluate the next generation NXP architectures and build a demo of their end application. This may also lead to the user contracting a tailored production board.

Argonboards brings to the delight of all the developers, tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, engineers by making it easy to shop for production ready reference designs, assembled and tested PCBs and modules all included with BSP (Board Support Package), applications and documentations

Argonboards is a solutions sales portal of VVDN Technologies, a leading ODM company that has built close partnerships with product design services having world class experience in developing high end embedded solutions. Our expertise spans across the entire embedded product design cycle – from specifications to design and development, OS porting, device driver development and optimization, application development and moulds/plastics.

VVDN and NXP teamed up to provide reference/production ready boards which are cost effective and help speed your design making the way for next generation IOT products. These boards are all supported through a community with thousands of developers, which allow fast hands-on start, endless improvements and new features.

For whom Argonboards is intended?

Together lets make IOT Happen

Makers, educators, explorers, professional engineers and corporations seeking to build upon a rich ecosystem are all encouraged to participate in Argonboards community discussion. Wish to develop the next killer IOT application or want to learn or teach on an embedded device? Then surely you are interested in Argonboards community. You're missing out if you don't count yourself in for whom Argonboards is intended.

Argonboards works closely with NXP to be able to provide a wide ecosystem of tools and technology like these to help speed your design. We invite you to participate and become part of Argonboards Community, defining its direction.